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Our Team

Peter Willcox

Peter Willcox

Core Team
I am a retired engineer, passionately concerned about climate change, and actively involved in trying to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
Derek Oldham

Derek Oldham

Core Team
I both live and work in Letchworth having moved here in 1986. I believe that as a planet we need to end our over-exploitation of natural resources and wean ourselves off non-renewable resources, doing so in a way that does not cripple the economy.
Janet Capstick

Janet Capstick

Core Team
I moved to Letchworth GC in 2009 and developed a strong interest in the heritage of the town, so I am keen that securing a sustainable future should not come at the expense of the heritage and character of Letchworth, the World’s First Garden City.  This is why I am involved.
Andy Day

Andy Day

Website Design
Born and raised in Letchworth, and now returning to the area, I am happy to be volunteering my media skills to help with the very vital need for a more sustainable lifestyle to be adopted in our community, and as something that can also inspire others.

How We Are Formed

  • Core

    The forum will be composed of a core group whose role is to develop and co-ordinate the implementation of the strategy in partnership with relevant stakeholders.

  • Members

    The core group will be chosen from members of the community with professional expertise or strong interests in the areas covered by sustainability. They will co-opt additional members as interests and activities develop.

  • Chair

    The chair of the Forum will be chosen by the Forum members.

  • Support

    Whilst the forum is independent of LGCHF, the Forum will be actively supported by the LGCHF, through the direct involvement of a LGCHF trustee or governor and a member of LGCHF staff.

  • Specialisation

    Specialist sub-groups will be set up by the Forum to address specific issues concerned with the development or implementation of the strategy.

  • Alignment

    The Forum is non-political and does not seek to align itself with any party political or religious interests, in order to work for the benefit of all the citizens of Letchworth.

Why We Are Here


The primary objective for the Forum is the creation and initiation of a town-wide sustainability strategy for Letchworth Garden City, its residents, establishments, businesses and visitors.


This strategy will be developed in conjunction with the people of Letchworth, the Letchworth Garden City Heritage Foundation (LGCHF), North Herts District Council and Hertfordshire County Council and other relevant stakeholders.


The intention is to make Letchworth a good example of sustainable living in the widest sense, and thereby act as a sound working example of a resilient town.

What We Do

  • Focus on Letchworth

    Strategies will be formulated in terms of objectives and activities that are focused exclusively on the needs and characteristics of Letchworth, whilst taking account of external factors and learning from experience elsewhere.

  • Work with Local Groups

    An important aspect of developing and implementing the strategy will be working with local groups, to seek ideas and support for the strategy and for its implementation.

  • Partnerships with Stakeholders

    Working in partnership with other stakeholders, the Forum will initiate courses of action to deliver the strategy.

  • Setting Up Social Enterprises

    The Forum is non-commercial. If commercial activities are required to execute the strategy, these will be set up as commercial or social enterprises for the benefit of the whole of Letchworth in accordance with Garden City principles.

  • Communicating with the Community

    The Forum will communicate the strategy and its benefits to Letchworth and the wider community, developing Garden City principles and acting as an international benchmark.

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