Brexit: Outline Political Declaration

Brexit: Outline Political Declaration

Behind all of the turbulent media coverage, the work of civil servants in the UK and other EU member states has proceeded apace on practical preparations, including the Agriculture Bill, Fisheries Bill and Environmental Bill. For a glimpse of the topics being addressed, see the ‘Outline of the Political Declaration Setting Out the Framework for the Future Relationship Between the European Union and the United Kingdomhere

Relevant snippets from Part ii: Economic Partnership

  •  “Consideration of cooperation on carbon pricing by linking a United Kingdom national greenhouse gas emissions trading system with the Union’s Emissions Trading System.”
    “… foster a clean, healthy and productive marine environment, …”
    “Cooperation, including in international fora, such as in the areas of climate change, sustainable development, cross-­‐border pollution, …”
    “Reaffirmation of the Parties’ commitments to international agreements to tackle climate change, including those which implement the United Nations Framework Conventions on Climate Change, such as the Paris Agreement.”
    “Competition must be operand fair. Provisions to cover this should cover … environmental standards, climate change, …”

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