Cycling initiatives – an update

Cycling initiatives – an update

Here is a quick update. Transition Town Letchworth with input from North Herts. District Council, the Letchworth Garden City Heritage Foundation and local cycling groups has come up with draft proposals for cycle parking at local schools and other destinations.
TTL’s Safe Cycling Network initiative along with the same interested parties is now at the stage of a draft report and map.
The next stage for each initiative is for them to be validated and refined by transport planners, taking account of the needs of all users of the destinations, intersections, streets, paths, tracks etc. to which the proposals relate.

Note regarding the Cycling Network report:

Edition 1 is available to download from TTL’s web site here.

Whilst the Sustainability Forum and the other parties are interested, they cannot accept any responsibility for the draft proposals. TTL welcomes comments on the report’s contents. This is not a formal public consultation but an invitation to consider what is outlined and to make comments to TTL from an everyday cycling point of view on the various routes identified. Please focus on the end-to-end routes rather than on particular features and alignments, since the latter would all be determined by transport professionals at a later stage of this process.

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