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To foster the local economy

The responsibility for the economic development of the town lies largely with bodies other than the Sustainability Forum, so the solution is to work with those bodies and others yet to be created to ensure that economic development is both sustainable in its own right and pursues the business opportunities arising from the need to reduce our dependence on fossil-based fuels.

The follow-up action for the Forum is therefore to hold a meeting with the BID and the governors’ business and economic development group (BEDG) to ensure that the ideas in this topic area are brought to their attention. This should also include the youth-related suggestions.


Business 0%
Residents 0%
Public Sector 0%

Our Approach

• Encourage and promote use of technology for home-working remote from office via schemes/ incentives/ legislation

• Open green business plan competition to encourage green entrepreneurs – make Letchworth Hertfordshire’s green growth hub

• Encourage links with other towns in the UK and elsewhere who have a high percentage of local jobs in town

• Letchworth should have a weekly market

• Foster the local economy by retaining local jobs and creating high-value ones.

• National and international companies suck money from our local community.

• There are many opportunities for “green” (environmental) businesses.