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Letchworth to be a low net importer of energy

We could consider some form of community/co-operative scheme that facilitates bulk buying of energy, and ultimately might act as the co-ordinator of renewable energy generation in the town. A return to the local generation and distribution of energy Letchworth once had.

There are a number of points that need to be shared with the Heritage Foundation, particularly regarding people’s attitudes towards the design principles and the effect upon sustainability improvements. In the short term, implement ways of getting the message out in the community to encourage energy awareness and ultimately energy (and money)-saving.


Business 0%
Residents 0%
Public Sector 0%

Our Approach

• Encourage use of less energy

• More receptive to solar pv in Letchworth

• Community owned energy infrastructure, eg solar farm (CEC = Community Energy Company)

• Solar panels – community project & individual houses

• Letchworth to be a low net importer of energy.

• Letchworth imports nearly all of it’s energy.

• Supplies are becoming scarce and less secure.

• Energy prices are rising.

• Fuel Poverty is growing.