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Letchworth to make a significant contribution to feeding itself

There are a number of suggestions relating to increasing the amount of land available (allotments and maybe Standalone) for home food production and its management.

Another area relates to community activities that could be undertaken. The action for the Forum is to explore the scope for some local groups to take some of these ideas forward, eg RHS / LGCHF scheme, Letchworth District Gardeners Association, ARCH etc.

A holistic approach is required, as one community group pointed out to us. There is no point in encouraging people to grow their own vegetables, if they do not know how to cook the resulting produce.


Business 0%
Residents 0%
Public Sector 0%

Our Approach

• Garden Share scheme

• Community greenhouses, community farms, more farmer’s markets

• Enable food swap – veg swap hubs

• All town food shops to stock local food

• Letchworth to make significant contribution to feeding itself.

• Supporting local producers reduces the “food miles” used to bring food to our shops and tables.

• Growing our own food is a health and fitness promoting activity.