Hertfordshire’s draft Local Transport Plan 4 for 2018-2031

Hertfordshire’s draft Local Transport Plan 4 for 2018-2031


  1. The public consultation will run from 31st October 2017 to 23rd January, 2018, t.b.c.
  2. Trevor Mason is the new Team Leader for Transport, Policy & Growth.
  3. Check the latest information c/o the Council’s Transport, Policy & Growth Team.
  4. See the Minutes of the Cabinet Panel meeting on 5th October 2017 for some discussion of the issues.

Gist of the Summary at the Cabinet Panel meeting which agreed to that the draft be released for public consultation, subject to points raised in the meeting:

  • LTP4 has come a long way. It is a strategy not a plan, yet aiming in the right direction by nudging policies and priorities.
  • Encouraging modal shift in and between towns, with better offers, a blended solution.
  • In 50 years’ time things may be very different.
  • With the forecast levels of growth in Hertfordshire, we can’t carry on as we are.
  • It is difficult to provide alternatives to private cars. New approaches are needed for the  bus network and for safe cycling.
  • Challenge to Herts. County Council as to how to plan and prioritise and fund these ‘softer’ modes of travel.
  • New approach needed to infrastructure and funding.
  • Address the roles of local transport planning and the statutory authorities.

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