Bygrave Biogen Anaerobic Digester

Bygrave Biogen Anaerobic Digester

This facility, which is run by a specialist company Biogen, is now fully operating. It takes surplus food waste in bulk from commercial sources such as supermarkets, restaurant chains and other catering processes to turn into compost and electrical energy.

The project started slowly with planning applications in 2011 and 2012, resulting in approval on 1st May 2013 for “digestion of food chain waste to produce bio-fertiliser and biogas leading to the production of renewable electricity for distribution to the local distribution network.” The construction took place swiftly, including site access, buildings, equipment and tree planting, for opening at the start of 2015. The capacity of 45,000 tonnes a year was estimated to consist of 30,000 tonnes of commercial and industrial waste and 15,000 tonnes local authority collected wastes.

The Bygrave Biogen plant features in this video released by Biogen outlining how an Anaerobic Digestion plant works

This plant is appropriate to its agricultural setting: “BiogenGreenfinch said it has worked closely with the owners of the Bygrave Lodge Farm, Wallington Farms, to plan for the use of the [36,000 tonnes of] biofertiliser produced as a by-product of the AD process on local crops.”

It can also be viewed as a power plant  “The proposed plant would generate 8,500 tonnes of biogas to be used to generate between 1.5 and 2MW of renewable electricity which would then be exported to local energy generation networks