TTL Thermal Imaging Service

Thermal imagers can be used to identify areas of heat loss from homes which householders can then address either through behaviour change or home improvements. Transition Town Letchworth (TTL) purchased a thermal imaging camera with the help of a Heritage Foundation grant in 2014 and has set up a community thermal imaging service. Ideally the temperature difference between inside your home and the outside should be at least 10 degree to get the best results when using the camera, so autumn and winter is the ideal time to do a survey of your home.

During autumn and winter regular monthly training sessions take place which cover how to operate the camera and ideas on how to get the most information from an energy efficiency survey of your home using the camera. After attending a training session Letchworth residents are able to borrow the camera to look at their home and the homes of friends and neighbours. Info on latest dates for training sessions are available here Transition Town Letchworth – Energy

TTL have also lent the camera to a school for pupils to use when they are learning about the infra-red spectrum in physics and for children to survey the heat loss from their school building. TTL are currently looking at how they can support scouting and guiding groups who are working towards their environmental badges, by developing some educational games which include using the infra-red camera. If your school or youth group is interested in learning about energy saving and / or borrowing the infra-red camera then please contact TTL