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Letchworth to have lowest water usage per head in area

The current objective for water use contains a competitive element to it, by proposing that Letchworth aims to have the lowest water usage per capita in our geographic area of high use and low rainfall. This objective needs verifying with Affinity and Anglia Water, our water and drainage suppliers.

Many of the suggestions made at the launch imply that people are looking for incentives to use alternative sources of water. This should also be explored with the water companies to see if they are willing to sponsor such schemes in Letchworth as part of their drive towards reduced water usage. It is important that both supply and drainage are examined at the same time, to ensure there are no unforeseen consequences in the water life-cycle.

Also see the resources for the 2016 Water Initiative


Business 0%
Residents 0%
Public Sector 0%

Our Approach

• Run a town-wide campaign to encourage us to wash our clothes less often – save water, energy and money

• Water companies to fit water meters free to all homes

• Harvest more rainwater – free water butts for residents

• Small local sewage works – reduce pumping power consumption and replenish local rivers

• Letchworth to achieve lowest water consumption per head in Hertfordshire.

• Herts has highest water usage rates per head in UK.

• Hertfordshire is in the driest part of the country.

• Water consumption is rising slowly but steadily at about 1% per year.