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Low cost ventolin

Low cost ventolin

  • Aims and Priorities


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  • Review with Town

    Events organised to explain the plans for Sustainable Letchworth and to stimulate people into participating in its actions.

  • Support for Projects

    Studies and planning resources to be provided via the forum. There will be major projects with partners alongside many diverse community projects.

  • Information Sharing

    Success depends on individuals, organisations and businesses working together. Everyone can make a difference and every little bit helps.

Low cost ventolin

Challenges and Issues

• Growing world population

• Rising standard of living

• Pressure on natural resources

• Pressure on water supplies

• Security of energy supplies

• Fossil fuel depletion and pricing

• Extremes of climate

• Growing population

• Poor housing stock

• Population ageing

• Energy & water supplies are challenged

• North sea gas is in decline

• Government commitment to 80% CO2 reduction by 2050

• To strike a balance between the heritage and sustainability interests of the Garden City

• To forge an inclusive approach to collective effort and commitment to change

• Ensuring that people are well informed about the challenges and choices to help change the way we do things

Forum Priority Voting

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0% Buildings
0% Economy
0% Transport
0% Water
0% Food
0% Biodiversity
0% Waste