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Letchworth to send zero waste to disposal

The objective we have set is very ambitious to get 0% sent to disposal, compared with just under 50% now.

The first step for the Forum should be gain a better understanding of what is possible over what time-scale with NHDC and HCC, explore what they are doing and investigate whether there is scope to capitalise on the high level of suggestions around personal behaviour towards waste and re-use.


Business 0%
Residents 0%
Public Sector 0%

Our Approach

• Scrap project / swap shop for unwanted goods / produce

• Incentivise / reward householders to recycle, carrot not stick

• Schools to recycle paper, plastic and use less

• Build biodigesters in HF’s industrial area

• Zero waste sent to disposal in Letchworth.

• It takes the Earth 1 year and 6 months to regenerate what we use up in each year.

• Some scarce resources we throw away or destroy can never be recovered.